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Umm... Vain Intervening in MOTION !!! lol
Ok, so as I was saying if Right and Wrong dont exist then the whole theory of being judged by them is crap. Right and Wrong are basically a popular opinion, they were made by the human morality. Oh I got a quote up my sleeve , "Right and wrong" is a disconnected human invention to control behavior. Now that explains everthing dosent it?
Let me see what else i can write about... Oh I got one!
Did it ever cross your mind that god dumped us in this world cause he thought we were crap creations ? What if he actually never payed attention to this planet ?
Mabye the people who wrote the bible were crazy, did that ever cross ur mind???
Well i guess not, and now that human beings have finally probally became as smart as god, he's scared that we might finally end up better than him... Just saying.... there is so many theories against God...
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