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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
How do you know that it was written by humans?
Because humans have existed for thousands of years, it was during the first few early civilizations that deities were formed to deter answering questions on the basis of factual observation and rational discourse. This is evident by texts, calligraphy, scripts, culture and the remains of the thousand year old civilizations. These were in fact, human civilizations.

Question is, where are you getting with that point. Who do you think wrote the Torah/Bible/Qur'an?

Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
I don't need proof that God exists in the way you think. You are correct, there is no proof in that way, and thats why its called a blind faith.
That is precisely why only a select group of people believe in it.

You're a Jew because,

-You were born a Jew.
-You were raised a Jew.
-You were taught Abrahamic values
-You were not taught other religious values

Hence you believe your religion is correct, and... I have, possibly Lithium has too and several other Atheists on this thread that if you were born a Hindu, you'd be saying the same thing about Krishna and Shiva, if you were born a Zoroastrian you'd be saying the same thing about Zoroaster, if you were born a Sikh you'd be praising the Sikh warriors that overthrew Muslims in the subcontinent and view them as Prophets of God.

Plus, if it comes down to your blind faith, why the hell are you even debating about it? It pisses me off when people get down to that, because if you're believing it out of sheer faith, then there's no point bringing it up.
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