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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
It is unknown what it means, but you can't say God is angry, and think of it as a human emotion.
Really, all I've seen in this thread recently from you is your ridiculous modification of the definition of what "God" is. People here have provided a multitude of questions about the concept of God and all of the obvious flaws with such a concept, and you answer all of them with things like "well, it's unknown" or "we don't know how God thinks," which is absolute bullshit.

The burden of proof rests on you. There is no physical evidence suggesting the existence of a God. Religion has made the claim that God exists for the past 2,000 years, has shown absolutely nothing to back up said claim, and then questions anyone who asserts that God doesn't exist with absolutely absurd questions about proving he doesn't. When you make a claim, you back it up. You don't ask other people to disprove it. It's like telling people "my dick is 10 inches long," then when they don't believe you, you tell them "well, prove that it isn't!"

I'm tired of religious people changing the definition of God to work around rational questions about his non-existence. Things like we can't understand the "mind of God," or that he works in "mysterious ways". That isn't proof of anything. This is a debate, goddamit.

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Yeah, I'd be depressed too if I listened to Chad Kroeger.
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