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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Those games are fun but I'm not 12 anymore.
Excuse me?! I'm not 12, but I'd sure like to play through those games. Just what makes you think that they're made for such a young age anyway?

Originally Posted by Bobby
Maybe nintendo is tageting toward the 12-14 range.
Actually, that's what Nintendo is not trying to do. Nintendo has made this console to appeal to all ages and both genders. That is something that neither Microsoft or Sony can imagine. They both target for the age around 18 and usually only appeal to males. The funny thing is, to make youngsters feel older, they play these games. So when you're getting torn up by "TEH_PWNXOR" on Halo 3, you can be assured it's some 10 year old trying to play with the "big boys."

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