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Originally Posted by Angel_Androgynous View Post
And he wants us to have suffering, disabilities, murder, rape, torture, war, injustice, diseases, starvation, inequality... (And that's not all of it, either)

People who suffer through all that cannot use free will to change it.
And why does God need a divine plan if we have free will? If he knows what's going to happen means we don't need free will. What if our free will goes against his plan? What good is a "divine plan" when any schmuck can come along and ruin it? If it's God's divine plan, then it was in his plan for me to not have any faith in him. It was in his plan for people to turn to science for answers. Means there is no free will. OR you know, if God exists... maybe... just maybe... he doesn't give a shit.
There is free will, and God doesn't interfere with it. Also, God does not have a divine plan, therefore, there is free will. He knows what each of us is going to do based on the actions we chose to do. God doesn't control if yo believe in him, or a flying spaghetti monster.

Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
Right. Go learn about the history of the world. Humans have been in existence, at this state, for around ten thousand years. Homo Sapiens have been around for maybe 400,000 thousand years (We're Homo Sapien Sapiens), and let's just say that's a lot. Religion was made by humans. That's why all these ancient civilizations had gods that pertained to their particular way of life and what was going on in their daily lives. If humans didn't create it, then why are there so many religions that exist in this world, some of them being similar but different, take Native American religions and Judaism and Zoroastrianism.
Science and religion don't always tell the same story, in my belief, and you will say I'm crazy, but OK. I believe that there is a God and Torah etc... (call me ignorant, but still).

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