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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
A perfect being can create whatever He wants, and why would it have to be perfect?
You can't have a perfect world and a world with free will.
And he wants us to have suffering, disabilities, murder, rape, torture, war, injustice, diseases, starvation, inequality... (And that's not all of it, either)

People who suffer through all that cannot use free will to change it.
And why does God need a divine plan if we have free will? If he knows what's going to happen means we don't need free will. What if our free will goes against his plan? What good is a "divine plan" when any schmuck can come along and ruin it? If it's God's divine plan, then it was in his plan for me to not have any faith in him. It was in his plan for people to turn to science for answers. Means there is no free will. OR you know, if God exists... maybe... just maybe... he doesn't give a shit.
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