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Default Re: Global Warming

According to a book I'm reading, written by a scientist who studies global warming as well as other things that are negatively effecting society, he said humans (this includes everything used by humans, including cars) account for no more than 3% of global warming, and I read somewhere else that humans, as well as things like cars and factories account for under 1% of global warming, so while the the numbers are not exactly the same, they give you the idea, that even cars and factories do not do as much as damage as you think. Don't forget, there are no cars or factories on top of mountains that are having their ice caps melted, and a lot of societies near those locations are unindustrialized, lacking cars and factories, their form of transportation is walking or cycling, and they probably rely on alternative energy for light and heat.
Also, don't forget 1% is an extreme amount, us adding this 1% is enough to make global warming up to 10 times worse, so don't think 1% is nothing.

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