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Originally Posted by Jess View Post
No idea, but science still proves more things than religion :/

what say you to this (I didn't create it)?
What did God do during that eternity before he created everything? If God was all that existed back then, what disturbed the eternal equilibrium and compelled him to create? Was he bored? Was he lonely? God is supposed to be perfect. If something is perfect, it is complete--it needs nothing else. We humans engage in activities because we are pursuing that elusive perfection, because there is disequilibrium caused by a difference between what we are and what we want to be. If God is perfect, there can be no disequilibrium. There is nothing he needs, nothing he desires, and nothing he must or will do. A God who is perfect does nothing except exist. A perfect creator God is impossible.
It is unknown what God did before he created everything because the Torah (Bible) did not tell us because it wasn't deemed as information we needed.
Yes, God himself is perfect (has been, is, always will be) He didn't need to create us, but He did. God has no needs, desires, and nothing He must do, we can't gauge Him with human emotions. Humans don't change what God "needs".
Why is a perfect creator impossible then?
Originally Posted by deadpie
It's the more logical explanation.

And yeah, i'd take science over religion any day. Let's say you're a parent and your daughter snaps her leg. Do you pray for it to fix or take her somewhere to get it fixed? Hmmm. I mean, you can pray over the leg as much as you want, but no crazy magical shit is going to fix it.
To add on to this:

Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer...

You need a combination of action and prayer to help certain things. So yes, if your daughter snaps her leg, bring her to the hospital and get her treatment, and pray that it works.

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