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[x]smart Smart is important, I don't like dumb guys
[x]Funny Funny is a must!
[x]Cute Cute is VERY important
[x]Athletic Athetic's pretty good, but not the end of the world if he isn't

Wud u dump him if he 4got ur birthday/anniversarry? no
Wud u cheat on him if he got boring? no!
Wud u dump him if he got borin? depends
If he dumped u/cheated on u eud u seek revenge? dif it was my BFF
=Wud u get revenge by goin out with his best m8? Maybe

Wat wud u do if he sed u turned him gay? Wat?
Wat do u luk 4 in a guy?
funny,hot,cute,smart (but not as smart as me), good dates(no pretzels and watching TV)
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