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Default Re: How do I tell my parents?

man evryone is not perfict like you or me like you OCD and i have dislesa (i cant understand a lot of thing and it holds me back in grammer and in math)
for you, you need to have everthing in a plan like if you brush you teeth at
6:00 every day at the same time you'll do it at 6:00 every day. i know a lot about OCD becase my bro has really back OCD so i have a hard time with him but i have leaned a lot from him. but you should tell you ma and pa becase it's the right thing to do and they could help you with it. so on my side you should tell you parents.

Screw you George Bush and you Jim Kerry we dont need more old people to tell us what to do.....

<------this is my dad
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