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Ummm.... It's my turn !!!
I'm happy I got some people talking here, but I did expect a comment on my new religion lol
Anyways, People at school (very christian school) call me a atheist or just a weird person which I am. I do not belive In a god tho i dont mind how some people pratice their religion. Seriously, (I think this is a quote too) there is no such thing as Right/good and Wrong/Bad, it's just a popular opinion that the human morality made up. So if there is no right and wrong how came we are "suppost" to get put in heaven or hell by the good and bad things we done. This I dea just wipes out so many religions lol
Religion is a big thing in history, there was always the religion class which decided most things or for example the years, its determined by christs birth which something sooo stupid as christ could have not existed at all or the bible could have been written by some crazy people or drunks.
And another one bites the dust I do believe there is higher being than us but I do not believe its a god, I believe its merely all of us when we die. Its like when we die we go to a different plane of existence, hey you never know I might be right but who cares anyway.

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