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ok, in soem rare cases it occurs, but usually you have to be 105 pounds
popo you are a spamer and ignorant. on average, girls start peuberty at 8. guys at 10-12 i think. weight has nothing to do with it. i know alot of girls that do get periods and are 70-80 pounds. weight is not a factor.
boognish, did you really need to insult me, you are reverting to a 4 year old, MOST girls start menstruation at ABOUT 105 pounds, some think they started it, but its actually something where they DONT have any eggs and just a lil bit of blood n stuff comes out. im sure there are MANY different ideas about it, but a LOT of things ive seen and read about it have stated things in about that range, ok boognish? i cam eback here and everyones all fine and dandy and you go insulting me!