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Default Re: PS3-XBOX 360-Wii.

Definitely get a Wii first... It's the cheapest and has incredible play and replay values for every single game - since they all use the Wiimote's great features. Oh, plus, the Wii is awesome for an everyday accessory. The weather channel is beast - didn't think someone could dedicate so much to giving the weather (even including the UV index) in such an easy-to-use interface. The globe is awesome... You can look up weather in any place you choose, whether it be in the States, Kingdom, Canada, Austrailia - any place, really. It's so cool. And the news channel is just as great! I never knew how good it felt to know news before everyone else because of getting news updates before the press can get an article in the current paper. Kind of hard to explain, but it's still great. Oh, and surfing the web with the Wii is like the coolest experience you can have with the web - typing isn't that great, but clicking around is always fun

Anyway, point is, it won't blow all your money at once, so you can buy credits for the virtual console (to buy cool classics from NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, and Turbo Grafx).


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