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Default Why? Why me?

Or rather, why not me? I'm just wondering why I'm the only girl in my grade that hasn't been on some sort of date. I mean, I'll describe myself for you:
*Nice hair - not blonde, but nice
*I get gorgeous tans and hold them well for ages
*I am very skinny, but I am quite the healthy eater.
*My personal problem right now is that I often get "hunger headaches" from not eating often enough. Aargh, the curse of the fast metabolism!
*Aah yes, and I am VERY funny and sweet and crack great jokes on the spot.

I am not being vain, these are all things people have said about me. Even the metabolism thing. If someone could help me figure out why guys never talk to me (much less ask me out), that would be very much apprecciated! Thanks all!
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