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Am I being held as the Religion-discussion thread guru here? A slight bit of an uncomfortable position.

And, Yanks, you're right. All religions are not the same. Sure, most have the same basic moral codes, but each religion has it's own body of beliefs, and it's own definition of life, afterlife, et cetera. All religions are not the same, because most every one was founded to create a heritage, a way of creating the "Divine Mandate", a heavenly justification for existence. The Assyrians did it, the Persians did it, the Greeks, Romans, Celts, Mesoamericans, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indochinese, Indians.

Now, I'm not saying religion is bad. Belief in and of itself is not a bad thing. Your belief in the miraculous power of sunflower seed shells isn't harming me, and, while rediculous, seems not to harm anyone else (not disparaging anyone, merely giving an analogy). However, when that belief becomes organized, human malice sets in - greed, power, control. There's a quote, I'm not sure exactly how it goes, but it says something along the lines of "The people think of religion as their beliefs, the wise as ignorance, and the rulers as useful". That's basically a summation of organized religion. I find belief not to be inherently bad, but when that belief is forced on others it becomes a whole different thing.

I'm basically a weak atheist - I'm not saying that there is NO god, because that relies on faith upon evidence that isn't there, but I'm saying that I disbelieve in a God or Gods. Universalism is interesting, I'll give you that, but this whole "piece of the puzzle" crap is that: crap. There MIGHT be an afterlife, there MIGHT be a God or Gods or Cthulhu and whatnot, but even if there is I'm not wasting my evidence supported ONE life on pining for that future.

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