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Originally Posted by VainJC View Post
Umm... Im sorry to say i did not read thro the whole 119 pages on this thread tho I do have a long opinion about this crap.
I'm quite amazed at how many christians teens there still is, and btw the tags are clearly made by a christian. I myself do believe there is a spirital existence beyond us but I find it extremely annoying to see different religions, they are all basically the same crap. There is always a god and you always have to worship him no matter what (stupid). I also find it annoying that some children are forced to be the religion their parents are (personal expierence).
Now whats my religion.... hmmm.... None of those above at all but i would probally lean to Wicca and Budhism. Lol i just had a Idea, I'm going to create my own religion
It will be Vainism... has a good sound to it dosnt it?

EDIT: Just read a few previous posts and i think Universalism is intersting. Also cant wait to have a deep conversation about this with Maxxie.

All religions are in no way saying the same thing. They may all stress of a higher being(s), but they may not all be referring to the same one. (I'm Jewish BTW). Anyway, even Maxxxie would say they aren't all the same... right? lol.

And you don't have to worship anything if that is your preference, but in some religions, this can mean different things. For example, in Judaism, if you find out you are Jewish at 65, and never knew before, you are not held accountable for your actions. However, if you are brought up Jewish, and know about the faith, then it certain times, you could be accountable on going against God. I am not sure on the specifics of other religions, but just giving an example.
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