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Default Is this part of OCD?

I have OCD, the sort that's conected to violent thoughts as opposed to contamination.
But I've noticed over the past year that I've obtained a problem with authority in the sense that I show too much admiration for those I respect, and because of this I tend to despise those who aren't as highly respected in comparison.
This mainly happens in school.
Everyone has their favourite teachers but I tend to be protective of mine. If another pupil is being rude to them then I take that person aside and 'deal' with them.

My science teacher once had a cold and I found myself skipping another lesson to go buy him some tissiues. At the time I wasn't sure why I had to do it, i just did. And I didn't even give them to him face to face; I went in lunchtime and left them on his desk. I really don't understand this behaviour.

I also feel an emormous amount of empathy for them:
Last October we went on a school trip to Canada. During one weekend one of the sports teachers got mad with a group of people who went behind his back and whilst he was shouting at them I was getting angry and upset even though I hadn't done anything wrong.

With other teachers who I don't respect as much I begin to think of them as worthless because they're not as amazing as the others. I don't mean to think that but that's just how it comes across.

Does anyone else feel like this or can understand this? And is it connected to OCD?
Thanks in advance.

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