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Umm... Im sorry to say i did not read thro the whole 119 pages on this thread tho I do have a long opinion about this crap.
I'm quite amazed at how many christians teens there still is, and btw the tags are clearly made by a christian. I myself do believe there is a spirital existence beyond us but I find it extremely annoying to see different religions, they are all basically the same crap. There is always a god and you always have to worship him no matter what (stupid). I also find it annoying that some children are forced to be the religion their parents are (personal expierence).
Now whats my religion.... hmmm.... None of those above at all but i would probally lean to Wicca and Budhism. Lol i just had a Idea, I'm going to create my own religion
It will be Vainism... has a good sound to it dosnt it?

EDIT: Just read a few previous posts and i think Universalism is intersting. Also cant wait to have a deep conversation about this with Maxxie.

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