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You have a point, and there are other fishies in the sea, but I'm not sure I can work up the guts to ask her out, the only other girl I attempted to ask out (a year ago) I ended up not asking out. I went up to her, looked her in the eyes, and then walked away, because I just couldn't think straight. She didn't really give, but I don't know what I'd do if that happened this time. I'm just so afraid of rejection, and I just plain suck when it comes to asking girls out, I've never actually managed to ask a girl out, and I'm not sure I can do it. I've blown my chances several times in the past when it was rather obvious that a girl liked me. (A year ago a girl who I'm pretty sure liked me asked if I wanted to go out to a movie or something, and I've always found it tough to talk to girls, and I was having a bad day, so I blew up at her, and said something like, "No, I'm not having good day, Go away" I barely even realized what she had said until after I said that.) I know I'm gonna fuck up, I can just feel it, and I am very volatile on bad days, and I don't wanna ask her out, have her say yes, and then one day have her walk up to me, for what ever reason and I blow up at her. I've had trouble with girls forever, and the last time I was truly popular was 2nd grade, although the definition of popular at my school is confusing, because almost everybody is friends with everyone else, except for a few kids who don't fit in, including one who refuses to be your friend, and another, who based on experience I know does not know the true definition of friend. Also, to add, the girl that I like in particular isn't a big fan of this, but a lot of the girls at my school like trouble makers, and although I used to get in trouble, I don't now, but a lot of kids, including some of my friends, do immature things that could get them in trouble, to impress one another, as well as girls. I'm just so fucking confused, sorry for all the ranting.

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