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Default Re: losing it completely

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
You need to have a better attitude and listen to those you are trying to help you. You can't go for help then disregaurd it then ask for others help. You may not want to hear what you want but have a better attitude.
Sorry im not as not-ready-to-listen as i sound there.
Really, i was just angry cos im very scared and feeling a bit alone. I keep trying to communicate whats going on but, i dont know, maybe i cant word it properly or something.. while at the same time my situation seems to get worse.

You see, ive been trying to tell my parents that its way out of control and mum keeps saying its anxiety. But i know its not, i had bad anxiety two yrs ago and this is nothing like it. I feel so out of control that it scares me and im at home alone most of the week.
I went out on a limb and told my doc all about my experiences (well i wrote them down cos otherwise i would have chickened out)... and i really hoped that i dont know someone could help me fight it off... i know that kinda sounds dumb.. but i feel like theres something inside me thats taking over me and contolling me...

Im not very good at communicating with anyone... its not that i worry about trust or anything.. my doc is lovely, I kind of feel, i dunno, i just like her. I just kind o f freeze up, i have no ability to express myself and so if im dead scared about something it dosnt show...

And how do u no if what u experience is normal or not?? I mean how paranoid is too paranoid?? Does everyone hear voices? i honestly cant tell what is or isnt ok...
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