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hell no you're not dying on my watch!
Saras, i know how you feel about being depressed is but have you considered everyone else's feelings? i may not have depression but why are you thinking of suicide? life isn't always fair but each day we struggle to live our life to the fullest. tell me. have you've seen a man who had his neck injured and was not able to walk nor move his arms anymore? i have and this man who came to our school and talked about wanting to walk and to feel things again. from being paralyzed from the neck down he lived each day thinking he was better off dead because he thought he was a nuisance to people to having to feed him and change him. he even had thoughts to die but he knows that because his younger brother saved him from death, he knows that he wasn't suppose to waste his second chance of life even if they hated each other, today he continues to strive to live. so please, don't go killing yourself, you'll only make people sad if you were gone
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