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Originally Posted by Hyper View Post
It just sounds that he's a stupid teen, no offense
well, that's really helpful, and i thought that's what VT was about, helping people, but hey, what do i know...

it sounds like your parents are holding onto something that they need to stop referring back to with you. but that's what parents do, throw something we've done back in our faces for a long time after. i think it's so they can prove a point, but i haven't figured it out yet...

anyways, just try to stay calm around them and not get so angry, because that makes them more angry and just escalates the problem. so when you're angry, walk away. tell them you need to take a break and go to your room and cool off or go for a run (that's what i do and it helps!) or whatever helps you go from angry to calm.

but don't call your mom names, because really that doesn't help your situation and is just really rude on your part.

hope all this helps...!

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