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Ok, I really would prefer not to double post, but I have some important information on the topic of global warming. I read in a book written by a scientist that global warming, a scientifically proven process, that has occurred numerous times in the past, runs in cycles, and this was predicted by numerous ancient civilizations. Scientists have also linked storms on the sun to global warming, say the more tumultuous the storms on the sun, the hotter it gets here. Global warming is a slow process that can take hundreds or even thousands of years, and humans are not the main reason for it, humans weren't around to cause global warming back during the ice age. Its actually the sun and solar activity that takes 30% of the blame, and the Earth itself also deserves a majority of the blame. The Earth is like the human body, when it grows cold, it heats up, of course it doesn't have a brain, but its a natural process, like cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Global warming has occurred in the past (otherwise we'd still be in the ice age) and we are still below average temperature. We are still below pre-Toba temperatures (or average temperatures for Earth). So global warming is actually reheating the Earth, so it won't grow so warm that we'll all die, but it will reach 100 degrees more often, and it won't be as cold in the winter, but that doesn't mean it still won't hit below zero, it just means the average temperature will heighten. YOU CANNOT NOTICE GLOBAL WARMING, YOU WOULD HAVE TO REMEMBER WHAT IT FELT LIKE DECADES AGO TO REALIZE THE CHANGES, THESE ARE SLOW CHANGES THAT ARE NEAR IMPOSSIBLE TO NOTICE UNTIL A FEW DECADES HAVE PASSED. It is not effecting us too badly, and it shouldn't, its a proven process, its just that people are overexaggerating, they're making it seemed like we're all doomed, but its just a natural process. THERE'S NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT, BUT IT DOES EXIST, IT'S JUST NOT AS BAD AS PEOPLE SAY IT IS!

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