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Originally Posted by Ironic Infidel View Post
Not being straight is terrible in england, everyone goes: "oh, I don't mind gays/bis" but what they mean is: "I don't mind gays and bis as long as their not near me." It makes it very hard to keep freinds, because they're all like: "well, I still like you as a freind, but I don't want you hitting on me, so I think we'd beter stay apart."

Idiots. All homophobes seem to think they are irresistable to gays/bis. and they're not!

Sorry, had to get that out, and this seemed the best place.
This is soooooo true. When this one kid at my school found out I was bi, he got angry at me for not telling him who the other gay/bisexual people because he wanted to know who they were 'incase they were around him'. Some people assume that all gay/bi people are perverts who are desperate to have sex. As for the gay-straight alliance idea, saying that there should be an alliance seperates gay and straight people.

When are people going to ignore sexuality and just treat people as people!?!?!?
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