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Default Re: Gay Bashing: HELP!!!

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
No one has banned me because I haven't done anything that would require one. I don't go around accusing people of lying unless I have a reasonable suspicion of it. Anyway, I've said enough here.

WHY was he even here for? Doesn't he have a life?
Does he have nothing better to do then cause other people strife?
People like that make me they PISS me off!
I don't think the point is whether or not I.I. ( Ironic Inf.........) is telling the truth ( although I DO believe you ), the point is that you needed help and you got it.
Anthony, grow up man. Really! Karma has a habit of biting you in the @$$

I.I., your a great person and I hope you live a long ( very,very,very LONG), happy life.
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