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Default Not Sure

There's this girl at my school that I really like, but I have two problems and I'm not sure she likes me back. She hangs around me a lot, and likes to talk (not just to me, but to everybody), but she rejected a guy who straight up asked her out, and made fun of him for asking her out. I don't want to end up like him, so thats one of my problems, she didn't take him seriously (I don't exactly know why) and I'm afraid she'll reject me/ not take me seriously as well. My second problem is that I've never asked a girl out before and I'm afraid I'll screw up, but also to add to this problem is the fact that this girl and I are sort of friends (we talk and hang out in school, but out of school I rarely see her) so I don't want to ruin our relationship as friends by fucking up when trying to ask her out. Although I said just two problems, there's sort of a third, not that this means anything, but only one of my ten or so close friends has a girlfriend, and half of my other friends don't really have crushes on any girls at my school. Because they've never asked out girls, and don't have girlfriends, I can't go to them for advice, and the one person who does have a girlfriend didn't ask her out, she asked him out. I really don't want to wait, I want to find out if she feels the way I feel about her. I'm so fucking afraid that I'll screw up . Advice please!

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