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i remember the first time i wore a short sleeve shirt after my cuts had healed and all the scars were REALLY was maybe a couple of years was definitly an experience for me...i got looks and whispers and some people actually came up and asked, and that was tough to deal with at first. but after a while, i think for me, it was knowing that i had gotton over what i had done to myself and i was ready to face my past and live through and beyond my mistakes. it wasn't who i was anymore, but where i had been. like a journey of sorts.

but i'm glad that you had the courage to do this. congrats to you! and you know what? you are beautiful now. our history and past may be ugly, but that doesn't make us ugly. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! tell yourself that everyday, over and over whenever you think of it. you'll be amazed that gradually you'll start to believe it. it might take a while because your mind will fight it, but eventually the words you're hearing yourself say will win out and you'll start to believe.

congrats and keep up all this wonderful work sara!!!

i'm proud of you!
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