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Default Re: losing it completely

ok.. no suggestions?

well i may aswell update.
ive been at homw now for over a week. suddenly things took a turn for the worst some weeks ago and no matter how much i tell myself that 'now ive realised that things are bad that they will now start to get better', now ive admitted to it.. they still havnt.

I saw my psychologist who i note is not doctor with any qualifications to give any sort of diagnosis, and she says the voices that i hear and the mood swings and me becomming like catatonic is all related to me feeling 'trapped'

What the hell?!?

1. i dont feel trapped
2. if i did feel trapped, i doubt hallucinations is a symptom.

Geez!! what a bimbo!

Anyway ive been at home in a masssively depressive state all week... i have no f*#@ing clue as to whats going on... it all messed up and out of contol and i almost decided to have myself committed, i was that scared.

If anyone has any thoughts or advice or whatever i would hugely appreciate it.
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