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Originally Posted by Link9991 View Post
I am thirteen, almost fourteen, i am succesful at school and have a group of friends i hang out with.. I like having lots of friends and i am generally a happy person who enjoys making others feel good. But recently i have felt differently about it all, i am a guy who has never had a girl to love and care for, my friends like me for my sense of humor BUT do girls really want a guy with a sense of humor. I dont know if girls are physically attracted to me as i have never even tried, i am shy and emotional near girls (apart from the ones i hang about with who i can talk to about pretty much anything).

So all i am asking is for help, i want to know how i can get a girlfriend, how to become more outgoing..

(I will never self harm myself to get over the depression so dont bother telling me to, its wrong in my opinian)

well i'm glad you're not going to SI...that wouldn't exactly be helpful in this situation...

girls love guys who have a sense of humor...we like to laugh at your jokes, laugh at the silly things you say or do, it's just what we like.

as for being more outgoing...try doing some new things like...saying hi to someone in school that you don't normally say hi to, or taking time out of whatever you are doing to have a conversation with the person you are sitting next to in class. do small stuff first and then it'll get easier to go out of your comfort zone and talk and be more outgoing.

hope this helps, and good luck. there's a girl out there for you, don't worry!
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