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Default Re: it's like a chain reaction!


so i went to the hospital on the 9th and i got out earlier this morning. things are better now. they aren't great, and i don't think they will be for a long time, but they are the best they can be. and i am happy with that. i am talking more to my parents. i appreciate them a lot more than i did (it's a long story) and i think we are getting a lot closer everyday. so that is good. i've opened up a lot more to my therapist and she is showing me that it isn't my fault that katie died, i couldn't have done anything to stop her. that's easy to say but it's a lot harder to make myself believe, but i'm trying. i'm a work in progress, what can i say? i haven't cut since the night before i went to the hospital, and i'm planning to stay that way. so all in all it's pretty good news. thanks for everything guys! you have no idea how much i have appreciated it! hopefully now i can stay on track and keep doing well.


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