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Originally Posted by Kyle91st View Post
Well, my girlfriend and i want to have sex soon, but I'm having some serious doubts about myself. I have a uncircumcised penis and have only pulled back the foreskin a few times to wash it, but it is painful. I also masturbate without lube (my skin surrounding my penis moves even when erect), and sometimes the semen gets under the foreskin. I have never tried on a condom either and i dunno if i have to pull back the foreskin of my penis to do so.
Thanks in advance for all the help.
If it's painful, you should pull it back more, and you should talk to a doctor about this as I once had to force it back.

Some guys masturbate without lube...doesn't matter, in that you're completely fine!
Clean the semen under your forskin.

When putting on a condom, pull the foreskin back. There should be a little thing on the end, that's where the semen goes, so just leave it and don't lay it flat. Roll the condom over your penis, and when done roll it off but don't let anything spill. Twist and tie the condom and throw it away (don't flush it, put it in an outside garbage can or house garbage, no small wastebaskets).
The above is what I learned from experience and from reading.

I'll check one more resorce and get back to you in a few days on the condom thing

EDIT: Yes, all that I've told you about the condoms is true! Thanks to: Wikipedia

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