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Originally Posted by Angel_Androgynous View Post
Is that not Agnostic Atheism? c: Well that's what I am... an Agnostic Atheist. x)
That's, I think someone has pointed that before, it's called counter-atheism.

Pay clear attention to this:

If you believe that there is no God, is different from, you disbelieve that there is a God.

Plus, Agnosticism says that you cannot understand, or will know that there is such thing as God or any other supernatural deity.(am I correct)

So, Agnostics are either Atheist, or Theist. There is no in between.

Of course, there are the Skeptics, who are not sure if there is one and are doubtful in their existence. This sounds like weak atheism, yes. Also they cross with apatheism, too.

And there is those Naturalist(me!), who do not believe in anything supernatural like sapient Gods. Yeah, some also cross it with Pantheism: the nature as god, but not a deity or an article of worship. But most are atheist.
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