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Default Re: Gay Bashing: HELP!!!

Originally Posted by Ironic Infidel View Post
I was serious, but thanks to a PM from jma08 I didn't commit suicide, and have also stopped cutting. Thanks for all your help guys, I will now give an update on situation.

The homophobes aren't beating me up anymore since I broke one of their noses, and noone is bashing me to my face, but there are still whisperings when people see me, but that I can deal with, an I miss some school now to go to a shrink, so, all in all, a LOT better than it was.

Once again, thanks.

Sorry Anthony...I have to disregard your post...because I've had contact with Ironic Infidel and I know what he is about....Please just leave him alone if you have nothing positive to say.

Ironic Infidel...I can't tell you how many times I wake up in the morning feeling great, knowing that you are a success in the making!!! Props to you my friend. omg!!!!! way to go with the homophobes!!! ahhh, if I had the strength to do that...ohhh...seriously, great job man..they totally deserved it for giving shit to you. ooohh I wish I was Yes, whisperings are annoying...but you'll get over them in no time. Then eventually, people will stop talking crap about you. (don't you have a girlfriend?) anyway...I'm so glad things are getting better for you Good luck with the therapy tomorrow man. I know it's hard and very uncomfortable to spill your thoughts all over a total stranger, face to face. lol I hate my shrink...I'm definately getting a new one...

keep and us posted!!! take care man...have a good day tomorrow

you are so, very welcome!!! thank you for having the strength to believe in yourself

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