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Originally Posted by Maxxie View Post
Satanism? Good lord.

Why does one need a religion to adhere to? LeVayan Satanism is basically atheism, with a bit of nihilistic existentialism, mixed into a big cauldron with hedonism and labeled "Controversy".
Satanists do not believe in the supernatural, in neither God nor the Devil. To the Satanist, he is his own God. Satan is a symbol of Man living as his prideful, carnal nature dictates. The reality behind Satan is simply the dark evolutionary force of entropy that permeates all of nature and provides the drive for survival and propagation inherent in all living things. Satan is not a conscious entity to be worshipped, rather a reservoir of power inside each human to be tapped at will. Thus any concept of sacrifice is rejected as a Christian aberration—in Satanism there’s no deity to which one can sacrifice
I was a LeVayan Satanist for a little bit ... mostly I would just look for Enochian chants and incenses on the school computer and which Gaelic demons are more convenient.... and then I went like: Yeah screw it. Agnostic Atheism. x)
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