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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
Thats fine with me, but the whole point is to Judaism of me is that I know there is a God and he watches over us.
And the whole point of a bloody debate is not to use immutable opinions directed at establishing the truth of someone's faith without any evidence save for a archaic set of scriptures and moral codes based around some 8000 year old Persian pothead that eventually evolved out of Ur and into the mythical Promised Land of Canaan, where Abraham began his philosophical discourse on the existence of a God to explain our existence as tiny, insignificant water sacks of mostly carban, which then began to evolve into Christianity when some guy who was really fucking good at acting came around and claimed that he was the son of good and performed some cheap magic tricks (healing of a schitzophrenic by comfort alone, transformation of water into wine (didn't the Egyptian priests turn water into BLOOD?)), which then began the basis for the religious beliefs of nearly 2 billion people, not to mention Islam and Baha'i that sprouted off out of that. The supreme arrogance of it all.


Yes, that was a rant. No, that's not completely historically accurate.

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