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Originally Posted by Lilys View Post
It's the translation that is generally agreed on by the commentators, by the way. But that's only a small part of my point. I'm questioning your belief that the commentators have the right to say what is and what isn't literal. How can you and the commentators have the audacity to decide what is and isn't literal from books orated from god itself? Hm?
Its still a translation, whether they agree on it or not. And the reason they have the right is because they are the few that are on such a high level that they can interpret the Torah like it used to be known.

Originally Posted by Angel_Androgynous View Post
Why would I follow blind faith with no proof but a 3000 year old novel of horrible and some reasonable morals that was written by some dudes who had nothing better to do with their life so they decided to try and explain how everything happened?
Thats what Judaism is, a blind faith. I don't need physical proof nowadays like you would think to realize that God exists.
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