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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
What do you mean by this? We aren't puppets being controlled by God. He does love us all equally, and he decided not to make the world perfect.

I don't care what you choose. I don't care if you think God is a spaghetti monster... I don't. You can believe in what you want because of free will, whether is is right to some people or not.

I have answered this here as well. You cannot read the bible with the literal translation because it does not mean it literally as it is translated.
We aren't puppets controlled by God and have free will yet as I stated before, there are people born with horrible disabilities, what have they done to deserve this?

And I don't think god is a spaghetti monster simply because I don't believe in him. I was making a point where just because you can't disprove it does not mean it isn't so. Sooo just because I can't "disprove" God does not mean he exists and just because you can't disprove that God is a spaghetti monster does not mean it isn't. Now that I have confused you, go do something interesting. Like learn science.

Originally Posted by egotistic View Post
stop trying to be smart no one likes you and ok if you dont beleive god exists how did we get here
It's funny because he has more rep power than you... and is respected about a million more times than you. xD OH and he's smarter than you.

How did we get here?
When mommies and daddies love each other......


Ohh you might mean how the human race got here...

thousands of years of evolution and some MOAR SCIENCE stuff for you to look into.
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