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Originally Posted by deadpie View Post
The sky falling? What are you even saying? Well, lets get a little SCIENTIFIC if I may. Those white puffy balls in the sky are called clouds. Clouds cannot fall because blah. Click the link, learn some new stuff and have fun.

Well, depends on which "First seed" you're speaking of. This world has been around for 4.54 billion years, so you can imagine how many times this world has been fucked by disastrous events and pulls its way back. Now a good idea is to - yup, you guessed it - read more exciting shit!

Bible is true because it says so is not enough proof. It's the dumbest point anyone could ever make.

Can someone go find some forty year old christian apologetic's now? This is getting really boring.
stop trying to be smart no one likes you and ok if you dont beleive god exists how did we get here
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