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Originally Posted by Angel_Androgynous View Post
If he gave us "free will" why does he need the divine plan? If he knows what's gonna happen then we don't have free will. ._.

I have answered this question here before. He knows whats going to happen based on our actions. He does not interfere with it, and doesn't do anything with that information.

ALSO if God loves us all equally, why are some people born with no arms? Why are some people starving to death? Why are some people raped and murdered? Why aren't these people using "free will" to change that? Hmmm?

Oh right... they CAN'T....
What do you mean by this? We aren't puppets being controlled by God. He does love us all equally, and he decided not to make the world perfect.

Originally Posted by LithiumAneurysm View Post
Interesting how you worded this. "The right choice." It annoys me how religious people always tout their specific beliefs as "the right choice" and subtly deride everybody else for making "the wrong choice". I mean, what the fuck? I'll base my own personal beliefs on logic and reasoning, thank you very much, and I couldn't give less of a fuck whether or not a bunch of churchgoers think I've made the "wrong" choice. Fact is that monotheistic religion is not based on logic and reasoning, and it never will be. It's pure speculation, and nothing more. The real "right choice" in life is basing your actions on your own judgement, not blindly subscribing to some belief system and accepting everything it tells you.

The only people who are intellectually independent are the ones who have abandoned the manmade philosophical idea of God that society so vehemently clings to.
I don't care what you choose. I don't care if you think God is a spaghetti monster... I don't. You can believe in what you want because of free will, whether is is right to some people or not.

Originally Posted by Jess View Post
and the Bible is full of sexist things, it accepts rape, murder, and slavery.
I have answered this here as well. You cannot read the bible with the literal translation because it does not mean it literally as it is translated.
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