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Originally Posted by egotistic View Post
seriosly how can you tell me to stop talking cuz you know i wont! im just replying to my post nd thanks for the neg rep too i gues if you post your opinion on here and its not what the majorty thinks then your neg repped..... go fuck urself
I'm guessing you gave me the neg rep with the comment 'fuck u'.

If your opinion is based on an extremely unfounded belief and you choose to bring it here, people will criticize that opinion, whether they do it in a harsh manner or a light one. There's no reason to go off swearing and my guess is, you'll probably be neg repped a lot more because of what you just said. I didn't mean to spark a flame war between me and you with that comment, I've just heard these arguments (also previously described by LithiumAneurysm as circular reasoning) so many times that, quite frankly, I'm sick of it. It's bullshit. It's stupid, and if it's expressed, it's likely to be blown down by me and others with a blowtorch.

P.S. - I did not neg rep you. I never neg rep anyone, even if I don't agree with what they're saying and they neg rep me with a stupid justification.
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