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Originally Posted by jma08 View Post
First refutation...I'm white; so, I can't be racist toward whites. Rather, I can have hate of my race, which I don't. This is because; racial hatred against one's own race is not interpreted as racism. According to several dictionaries, including the Oxford, racism is defined as 'distinguishing people from a race as inferior or superior to another race or races.' The key word that makes the distinction is 'another.' Furthermore, I don't believe that I am ignorant to the matter, for in my first post, I clearly stated that 'I recognize that racism exists among all races.'

Second refutation...Regardless, white families in Namibia, an African nation, still practice indentured servitude. You said it, 'the whites pay them little'. That's exactly what indentured servitude is, slave labor for pay. Furthermore, I traveled to Namibia for one month in the summer. I saw the social injustices first hand. The whites have the power there, while the blacks toil for enough pay to barely get by. By the way, I never said race effects poverty, mainly because you cannot equate race with poverty.

Third refutation...You further reinforced my point, 'the KKK is minimally active in the United States.' This further proves that whites are racists. So, what was your point in attacking my well known and generally accepted postulation? Second, TSA officials are at airports to moderate safe air travel. If the towel head in front of you was able to proceed, he obviously passed the security test facilitated by metal detectors and x-ray machines. You unfortunately failed the test. That is why you were pulled over for further examination. Furthermore, racial profiling is racism, for it is one type of racially biased policing. Racially biased policing includes practices that induce discriminatory treatment toward racial and ethnic minorities, not whites. This further correlates with my statements about Europe.

Forth refutation...Again, I agreed that racism exists among the races. Furthermore, Asians are not characterized as whites. They are Asian, not the North American European and Australian white folk.

Fifth refutation...Australia's government commits a fashion of passive racism, for they do not make any attempt to include the native, black Aborigines.

My point in the argument is to prove that whites are racist. It is basically a refutation of the very first post, which claims that whites are being ‘more racist against.’
In response to your first paragraph, ok, you originally had a different tone, I see your point now.

Second (re-refutation? lol) I know, I didn't state colour defines wealth, but I'm stating I don't see why you brought up that point when it isn't rascism, it's wealth. They would treat 3rd-world white people the same.

3rdly, I never stated whites AREN'T rascist, you just originally coming off as saying ONLY WHITES ARE RASCIST, but now your point seems to have changed.

and in response to "If the towel head in front of you was able to proceed, he obviously passed the security test facilitated by metal detectors and x-ray machines. You unfortunately failed the test."

You claimed racial profiling, which means STOPPING AT RANDOM. I passed the test, they searched me. He passed the test they didn't. Meaning no racial profiling there! Because it's done at random, or at suspicion.

4th, I never said asians are white. Tons of WHITE, as in american/england/australian/canadian people, live in Asia. Hell, half of them are stationed as military, the other half business in japan.

Fifth refutation, it's not really rascism if the group could care less if they're involved? It's like if we had a soccer match, and jewish people openly said "we don't really care for soccer", not inviting them, isn't rascism.
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