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Default Dangerous Lubricants! Please Read!

I've been looking over some old posts and threads, and I just wanted to warn you guys (and girls) about some lubricants you might be using for masturbation and sex that ARE DANGEROUS.

First off: shampoo. Shampoo belongs on your head, not your genitals. Almost all shampoos are very harsh substances, and can cause extremely sharp pains in your urethra if any gets in it! The same goes for soaps and conditioners. DON'T USE THEM!!

Secondly: Vaseline. Vaseline (along with hand lotions such as Lubriderm, Keri lotion, etc.) are PERFECTLY SAFE FOR GUYS. They cause no pain whatsoever, and will not adversly affect your genitals in any way. HOWEVER, any oil-based lubes such as these WEAKEN CONDOMS and CAUSE THEM TO FAIL, increasing the risk of PREGNANCY.

I know for a fact that the information I am giving you is accurate (for the items i mentioned ONLY). If anyone has anyrhing to share about painful lubricants people should avoid, feel free to post.
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