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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

I have another question- is it possible to become desensitized to pornography? I'm a 16 year old and I only discovered the majesty of masturbation this week (how I lived for the past 16 years; I don't know) but I'm sexually inexperienced and I don't have any memories to really go on. I have some experiences looking up girls skirts and that type of thing, but that's not really enough to get me over the hump into orgasm.

So therefore I've been using porn to fill my needs out of necessity, but I'm scared I'll be desensitized quickly, because it only takes 1-2 mins of watching a video to orgasm. It seems likely that once I get more used to cumming I won't go as quickly or as on-demand as I do now and I'll be out of luck.

So a: is it possible to get desensitized to porn? and b: If it is, how do you stave it off? Does simply masturbating less often help keep your edge?
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