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Default just a little confused, ye I'm 18

Ok, I work with this girl who's pretty petite. She's athletic and has short hair and I never thought I'd be attracted to someone like this, especially when I'm in almost a 2 year relationship with a GUY and any girl I was attracted to before was girlier than her or was hardcore instead of sporty. I haven't known her long enough to say anything, but I have known her long enough to ask her to hangout, which is exactly what the plan is.
I've never experimented to the point where I felt comfortable with my sexuality and because of that, I think, I still don't feel comfortable. I feel stuck on the fence, when at the same time deep down I know what I prefer. My mother signed me out of english, grade 10, 'for an appointment' that actually turned out being her was of telling me she knew I'd been seeing my friend (let's call her B.). The same day she'd found out I smoked cigarettes and weed, but neither of those things mattered because she only brought me home to scream at me for being with a girl. Since then my mind has been clogged with confusion and unhappy thoughts and boredom with my life.

I have no idea what to do because every one of my friends has said they've known for a long time that I prefer women, I was the girl who'd rather make out with girls, hangout with dude friends and keep them as only dude friends. I guess the problem isn't me questioning my sexuality it's more me being unable to break my boyfriends heart again.
any advice would be appreciated, it's f*cking hard.
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