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omfg..the world is not racist to white people....whites are the racists...i recoginze that racism exists..among all races..but whites are definately the mainstream racists on the universal scale....for example:

White families is some parts of Africa (Namibia, S. Africa..etc) practice indentured servitude...the whites own the houses...but the native blacks do all the work to maintain the houses for a small

In the United States, white proprietors have made it a point to practice racial profiling...if one is a dark skinned, thick bearded, taliban hat wearing person at an airport...tsa officials are all over him...furthermore, the kkk is minimally active in the states...

In Europe...its the same dang thing...racial profiling....of course it's only the blacks, hispanics and middle eastern people who get the looks

South America and Asia do not make up any percentage of white racisim...mainly because there are no white people there...all the natives are oriental or south american...duh..

As for Austrailia...aren't the aborigonies...native people of dark color...outcasts in a predominatly white society...oh btw..the white gov of Austrailia has not made any attempts to include the aborigonies in their governmental functions.

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