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Unhappy Parents

Ok well first off, you'd probably have to know me to understand why such a minor thing would bother me but hey, thats just me. Ok, well my parents are such f*** heads who are always makin me feel like i CANT talk to them about anything even though they keep reassuring me i can. anyways, a while back i wasted a lot of money on something that my parents didnt find "worth the money" and so anyways, ever since then if i want to buy something i have to "have their permission." today, my mom asked me if i wanted to go to target with her, and i said sure why not. she said she wasnt gonna buy me anything and started goin on about how i wasted money on something she didnt find suitible. i told her to fuck off and leave me alone cuz i can make my own decisions (also told her to go stuff her face, since she is very weight conscious) i know its kinda rude for something that little but you gotta understand that they had been riding me for WEEKS making me feel more and more pissed at em. but the point im making here is that i need some time away from my parents but the last time i ran away i stayed out for two days (had NO problems, in fact i was actually better off) until my retards of parents called the cops to look for me. when the cops found me i lied about my identity but the cops apparantly took a photo anyways and my parents found out and made life even WORSE at home. but now im left with no decisions on how to get time off from my parents...HELP ME PLZ!!!
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