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Well I've been really ill from Wednesday so I haven't been at school. I felt he had been avoiding me for a bit so I gave him a Cadbury's Creme Egg on tuesday and got a smile from him . It doesn't sound like much but I always do this 'act' when I'm with him where I give him stuff and do whatever he says, he plays along with it too and bosses me about etc. Anyway, I was thinking about another sleepover possibly, also I was supposed to cycle to his house (which does take time since he lives about 8 or 9 miles away) but I've either been too ill or busy.

Back to the point, do you think another sleepover would be a good idea? He tends to be more open and honest when we're alone or just with a few close friends so I thought if there was any progress to be made, thats where I could do it. Any thoughts? Please write back!
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