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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

just an update..i'm having my training for my varsity team every afternoon....normally our training would end up at around 7pm...every after i play, i tend to perspire a lot, leaving my t-shirt, shorts including my brief extremely wet....we don't have dressing area and so a lot of us just change our clothes beside the court area...for some, including me, we change on the latter area beside the court because its so dark their that no one could see you undressing clothes....there was a time that i removed my shirt and shorts on that area and cooled down for some minutes...i wiped my sweat off then noticed that my underwear is so damn wet also so i decided also to change it knowing that their are no people around and that it's so dark...i also felt that the wind blows colder that time and so it dried up my sweat...then when i removed my underwear...i sat down for a while looking for my extra underwear..but i noticed that i'm now having an erection without being horny on something or someone...then after some minutes i felt that i will be ejaculating..i tried to control it but it suddenly it forced was my first time to release it on outside...Does anyone here experienced this? What do you think is the reason why this happened to me? thnks..hoping that sombody can relate to this..
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