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Default Re: How do I tell my parents?

Originally Posted by AvatarAang View Post
Can someone please help me?
I have OCD but I'm keeping it a secret from my parents and i'm too scared to tell them.
Can anyone please tell me a way to tell them.
I'm scared that they might not believe me or they'll think i'm weird because they watch shows like Monk.
Please help, i'm desperate and i've been keeping it a secret for years.
Thank you.
How do they not know? Were you diagnosed by an actual doctor? If so, they would know. If not, sit them down and tell them that you would like to get some kind of help. Explain to them what you do, how you have to do things. Let them know that you were worried to tell them 'cause you thought they might think less of you.

There's not really any 'easy' way to do it. Sorry.

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