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While I agree with your points Anthony;

Saying "C******" in front of a police officer will probably get nothing (unless directed at the officer in question)
Saying "N*****" in front of him, rascism and verbal abuse charges, right there.

"Anyone can be a racist. It all comes down to the inividiual"

Very true in an IDEALIST reality. However in ours, due to our past we're still held accountable. White people just simply can't get away with it as much as others.

Ex: White Employer needs to fill a spot at his job.
A white man tries for the job and is much more suited for it then any other applicant.
A black woman tries for the job, the man hires her in fear of being called a rascist.

You may think this absurd, but not only have I observed it happen, I've had it happen against me.

Is the employer being rascist? YES, he is.
Does a fear of rascism cause us to in turn, be rascist? Yes.

Therefore, I don't care what colour a person is, if they need insulted or turned down, they get it.

Hate and love equally ^^

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